My Most Favorite Spot in Beijing, China

    Finally got through all those preparation work for my new job this week.. Actually I felt bad about me hating my new job, considering I haven’t even started it yet. So I decided to take myself out for a short-yet-magnificent trip today:BeiHaiPark–My Most Favorite Spot inBeijing.

    If you ever been to Beijing, you probably already know all the places foreigners love so much – Sanlitun, Houhai, Liduo or Xiushui. You can grab a beer and have a wonderful afternoon with your friends at all these places. But, every now and then, you might also want to stay away from alcohol, work, skyscrapers, or even those chinese ladies who like foreigners so much that they can literally be glued to your coat.. BeiHai is the place you would LOVE to go.

    For those who likes to know a full introduction of BeihaiParkand its glamorous history, pls. check . But to normal people, here’s all you need to know:

    BeihaiParkis one of the largest imperial parks inBeijing. Located within the second ring ofBeijingcity area makes it lot easier to get to, compared with theSummerPalaceor other royal parks situated in or on the mountains… If you want to enjoy somewhere green and refreshing inBeijing, but are too lazy to get your ass on a car driving at least for 1 hour to get to a decent park, then Beihai is your best option. There are basically three parts in here, the general area, the White Dagoba tower, and the Circular Wall. For the general area, ticket is RMB 10 (around $1.6), and a discount price of RMB 5 for students (They even accept student cards for exchange students and those in grads school!). With an extra visit to the White Dagoba tower and the Circular Wall, ticket is RMB 20, and RMB 15 for student. The joint ticket is highly recommended coz it’s SO cost efficient. Forgive me for being too “accounting” at this point, but RMB 5 more could give you the best spot ofBeijingcity: once you get on the top of the White Dagoba tower, it would definitely catch your eye for the views of Forbidden City, Tiananmen Square and even ZhongNan Hai (The military and political centre ofChina)! Ha! Who doesn’t want that!

    Alright, I think I’m done with all those talking. Let me show you some of the photos I took today. Considering I don’t have a first class professional camera (According to my research, which is positively related to the quality of photos taken..), hope they dont turn you down. 🙂

An overview of Beijing City, sorry that its been so foggy today.

Shhhh, it really is part of Zhong Nan Hai, the only part which is visible to civilian.

The White Dagoba tower.

Hey! An accidental Chinese hippy! Haha! But secretly, I think his bag rocks.



(Adding photos to this blog can be really exhausting! Hoo…)