After an intense discussion with my father last night, today I want to talk about something I don’t like aboutChina: Education.

    We all say that the youth is the flower bud, the most valued, and the strength of future. But who are we kidding? Although we are promoting the concept of “Education” in every corner ofChina, compared to the high speed development of this country, those kids are not even in the running! Every now and then, I am always surprised by the behavior of people of my own age. What they do or what they don’t do leaving a strong smell of “immature” everywhere they go, indicate the fact that most Chinese student are only super-excised on “Study the Text Book”, which goes extremely opposite to the well-balanced education.

    Raising a kid is not easy to do these days, not to mention educating them. When a kid enters the primary school, the competition begins right a way. In order to get into a good high school, those kids are taken to countless training classes during the weekends: violin, painting, international Olympic math competition classes (No kidding, I even had a similar class at my age.), English practicing classes, etc. Those “hobbies” cost a lot of money and take the kids’ life away: they are too busy to be KIDS! But the thing is, if your kid is not qualified for some kinds of “special talents”, you will have to pay extra money and make extra effort to get your kid into a better high school. So the parents don’t have much say in this, we can’t blame them coz not every parent is born to be rich. But just imagine, despite all those classes, do the kids have the opportunity to learn how to get along with other people? Or how to be responsible? Or even, do they get to learn how and what is love??

    Sadly, the answer is NO. In fact, my mum just had a conversation with me two months ago, which should have been done when I was 17: Safe sex. And the funny thing is, after years of “self-study” on this “highly sensitive” subject, I already know more than my mum does. Same thing happens to “How to build a relationship” “The importance of independence” and “How to buy yourself a nice comfortable BRA”.

    Ok, you may say Chinese parents are not good at communicating and expressing themselves. And every time you blame it on the Culture, it is a dead end. So how do the Chinese teenagers learn those stuff to enforce their soft powers? The answer hides in the highly condensed word: University.

    The entrance exam of university is the very first challenge faced by all Chinese students in their life. The quality of the university, or should I say the ranking level of the university within this country, relates positively to their future salary payment. Every student fights full-time for their marks in this exam, 8am to 10 pm everyday. And all they learn are the same courses: Math, Chinese, English, Physics, Chemistry, Geography, etc. If they survive the exam, BOOM, welcome to university!

    During the 4-year-time, everyone needs to educate themselves from a naïve high school child to a well-sophisticated social person. They make new friends, they participate into every event held by university, they fighting their heads off to get an internship in the Fortune 500. And during these time, they must learn everything they need to be qualified to survive in the Society.

    If we compare the “self-study ability” of students around the world, Chinese would win without any doubt. But one side effect of self-study is that one could go astray very easily without proper guidance.

    I heard girls get pregnant twice at 15, I heard a couple divorced just because the man didn’t get the PHD degree. I heard a 26-year-old woman never had a date in her entire life, I heard the son beat his father just because his father couldn’t afford a house.

    I am speechless at those facts. What happened to Chinese youth? They don’t have moral standards in their heats any more. They don’t know what is respect and what is love, they don’t even know what’s the true meaning of life. And who do I blame? The Education, not only the kind of education you get in school, but also the education you could get from your parents and peers.


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