Train Wreck in China, July 23 2011

【[Background Info.]:
A Chinese bullet train crashed into another high- speed train that had stalled after being struck by lightning Saturday in eastern China, causing four carriages to fall off a viaduct and killing at least 33 people and injuring 190 others, state media reported.
– “Bullet-train wreck in China kills 33, injures 190”@

Up to now, the number of death toll has reached 35, the China official says. But the true number of how many people died in this accident? We will never know.

35, is a magical number: At least 35 people died in China train crash; 35 dead in central China Floods; A gas explosion at a coal mine in Henan China killed 35 people; 35 people were killed in the landslide in Chongqing, etc. Why those accidents are so obsessed with this particular number? One of the reasons I got from the Weibo (A popular mini blog website in China, which is very similar to Twitter.) is that the secretary of a municipal committee of the CPC will be dismissed if the death toll is not less than 36. Seems like some are always being protected from the responsibility they should take. Some of them who were involved in the rescue say, the death toll is surely over 35.

Questions raised during the rescuing: What is the reason caused this collision, is it the lightening or the unqualified train driver? The exact time when the accident happened? 20:34 or 20:28? And why the officials gave us two different timelines in two days. Why the second train hadn’t detected anything when the first train was paralyzed by lightening for several minutes? When I was trying to search for the answer, I always got two or three more versions. And the ones provided by the Ministry of Railways are always going contradict with the rest.

That’s the side effect of the Hiding Code in China which I’m not proud of. People could only get half of the truth, and the other half is hidden under the big red glorious brand: Gov.

I feel so sorry for those unfortunate people, coz this accident could have been avoided only if the Ministry of Railways did they job right. But at the same time, I feel so proud of the Chinese who spread the truth and giving a hand to those injured. Although actions of people are still under monitor by the Gov, we are trying our best to discover the truth. That’s one step closer to the real Change of this society.

And this is a good start.


3 thoughts on “Train Wreck in China, July 23 2011

  1. don’t worry, our american “leaders” lie to us all the time about everything. just look at the news, it’s all bullshit. CNN, BBC, FOX, CCTV, even Al Jazeera- they are all mouthpieces spreading propoganda; not ‘news’. We american people do not agree with anything our government is dong lately in last 10 years or so at least. I really think that we have a ‘puppet’ government here in america, the control is by England and rich people. we are losing our “government by the people” here. so I just tell you this because I know this problem is worldwide. Me and you, and all the people like us worldwide, we get lied to by the governments. What happened? I don’t know. What happens to people when they get power? I really don’t understand it, and can only suggest that people that try extremely hard to get into government must by ‘valueless’ in the first place. Any good person who tries to get into government cannot handle being around all the liars and snakes so they decide to drop out. I don’t know where it’s all going, BUT, I still love america and china anyway. I just hope something gets better for our children.

    Keep writing your blog please!!! I really like it!

    • Its really good to know this is a worldwide problem and people around the world are suffering from the same thing. I mean really. Its not apporpriate to say so, but this really is the first sentence came out in my brain.
      I think despite the fact that government only put their benefit in the first priority, a good thing happening in China now is people begin to talk and judge what the governement have done or what they havent. I decieded to write this article partly because I witnessed the attitude are changing within the big environment here. Unlike other countries ( I mean countries other than North Korean or some of the middle East), Chinese government dont allow people to express their own ideas. And thats the reason why so many websites are blocked and so many people who dare to stand against the governemnt are missing. I saw a video last month, when they tried to move the train from the bridge and buried it under the ground, two bodies fell out of the train during the process! Nobody knew whether they were alive at that moment! I bet that doesnt usually happen in US..The government is not acting for its people’s best interest, and Im glad more and more Chinese start to realize it.

      • Yes, I agree that we people worldwide are being put as 2nd citizens to the government. I think that there are just too many people in government positions who do not know how to do the right thing. They are #1 worried about their job. So this situation is bad, people need a job, so they get a government job, then they become part of the problem, and always try to protect their job. Then in some countries they try to ‘keep face’. This is not only China, because on the worldwide stage, many governments too worried about ‘how they look to other’. This is bullshit because the people worldwide are the same; none of us people care about ‘how we look’ to other, we just want everything to be done correctly with honesty and I don’t know why that seems to be so hard to make happen.

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