Hello everyone, this is my very first blog on Watching The Chinese. As warming up, I decided to put on your shoes and see what Chinese look like from your eyes. So I googled the Chinese stereotype, and here are some words that I found:
    1 Orientalism, mysticism and exoticism
    2 Stereotypes of exclusion or hostility
    3 Stereotypes of Asian men: Emasculation and asexuality; Predators of white women; Misogynists
    4 Stereotypes of Asian women: Hypersexuality and the Dragon Lady; “Chinadoll” stereotype
    Well, after jumping up and down on my English-Chinese dictionary, I must admit that…Most of them are true. Chinese have a culture which is built on thousands years of history, we have our ways of reasoning, as well as the distinctive way of admiring the beauty. In the books and on the newspapers, we like to brag about how greatChinais, how strong and powerful a nation we have been. At the same time, we laugh about the Phone Hacking scandal happening inUKbut try our best to cover up what’s really happening in Xinjiang andTibetright now.
    In some way,Chinais a horrible country. But, all the above is just what you hear from the public media or witness the terrible behavior of Chinese tourists. Please do me a favor, ask yourself one more time: Do you really know about Chinese.
    From a more microcosmic perspective, I can assure you that we are NOT what you think we are. When you hang around in Beijing, you ask one single person for direction you end up getting answers and practical suggestions from 4 different people at the same time (Some of them might even personally show you the right way). When you take a visit in the university, you find students having brainstorms about their latest research, they work very hard for their thesis on International Economics. When you check out the Chinese males, you will be amazed how great their body look, with all the muscles and… a electro-motor-like-butt.
    The stereotypes have gone out of fashion years ago. Although Chinese people are still educating themselves on humanity, environmentalism and honesty, we have grown our new features in the past decade. The new generation are more willing to learn from different cultures, more open-minded, more willing to manage their own fate.
And we speak a better English than our parents.
    After having some conversations with my foreigner friends, I started to realize that Chinese are still mysterious in some way. The world doesn’t know about us. That’s when I decided to start this blog, providing you with a peephole into our daily life. Since the China government has blocked Blogger, I can provide you with the truth without any concealing.
    Woo, gotta watch the newest episode of True Blood. To be continued on Watching The Chinese next time 🙂

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